Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homework Alert! You have a body paragraph due.

This week we focused on organizing and elaborating body paragraphs.  You started one body paragraph of your editorial in class, but many of you did not finish. If you took your body paragraph home, you must finish it over the weekend.
It's due Monday (10/31 for A day) and
Tuesday (9/1 for B day).

Use SEEPS to organize your body paragraphs. 
Use a variety of support for the middle (EEP) so your writing
isn't too predictable.

We've provided some of the notes online for you in case you forgot to take your sourcebook home.

Only one body paragraph will be turned in next week.  Be prepared, however, to write 2-3 total body paragraphs for the final draft. 

Now that you have feedback on your introduction paragraph, you can also spend time revising that in preparation for the final draft. 
Use 2-3 types of support to elaborate each body paragraph.
When you use outside sources, you must show us how the
source is valid/reliable.

We will use this rubric to grade your body paragraph.