Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Life. Six Words. What's Yours?

We've been writing our six word memoirs in class. You created memoirs that tell us about this life you've led so far.  You'll use the memoir to decorate/cover your writing portfolio.  Here are some of our memoir examples: 
  • Mrs. Izzo’s: Fear change, love change, always changing.
  • Mrs. Jackson’s:  Attempted normal life, still got surprises.
  • Ms. Salzer’s:  Loves quiet and peace; embraces chaos.

You get to perfect your memoir and your folder at home to turn in next class. Here's a reminder of what we're looking for in the folder:

This is the slide we showed in class to remind you how to prepare your folder. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Supply Time for 8th grade Language Arts

Here's the basics you'll need for 8th grade Language Arts.  

*A folder to carry work and handouts home.  You may choose the type of folder that works for you.  It can be part of a Trapper Keeper or some other system.
*Notebook paper and pens for writing. Pencils for testing and for creative projects.

*Printer paper for printing essays.  (You may print in the classroom but in that case, a pack of paper means there's enough to go around.)
*A reading book. I will start checking out books from my library in the second week. I'd like to see what you like to read before then if possible. (If you don’t have a  book, please bring your textbook.)
*Sticky notes. You will need several stacks of 3x3 (or larger) sticky notes throughout the year.