Tuesday, October 30, 2007

QAR--Questioning Reading Log--due 11/8 (A) and 11/9 (B)

In your next reading log, you will practice writing and answering questions about your reading. You must write and answer one of each type listed below.

RT—Answers found In the Text.
Right There-the reader can find the answer in one sentence or two sentences next to each other. This requires one passage or quote from the text. Then, explain the relevance. It’s like a basic fact question or a simple test question.

TAS—Answers found In the Text.
Think and Search-the reader must read several separate sentences, paragraphs or pages to find the answer. Requires three passages or quotes from the text. Then, explain the relevance. Example: What evidence do we have that….?

AAM—Answers found In My Head.
Author and Me-answer the question with ideas derived from the book, but must also use own knowledge and experience. This should have your opinion or a judgment plus one passage or quote as support.

OMO—Answers found In My Head.
On My Own—You should be able to answer the question without reading or rereading the text by giving an opinion. The question is on a topic related to the reading. The reading should inspire the question but the question is about a bigger issue in our world or society.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Visualizer RL#3 Due on October 29 (A) and October 30 (B)

The next reading log requires you to visualize a passage from your reading. With over a week to complete the log, you should read 1.5 hours (50-150 pages). To download the special visualizer form see the Language Arts Links section of the blog (it's the first link) on the bottom right of the page. Here are the directions for this log:

1. Choose a passage that indicates an important event or that exhibits good writing. Explain how the passage is important in order to the understanding of the book. In other words, how is it significant?
2. Create a visual representation that illustrates specific details of the quote. The visual representation may be a drawing, collage, or collection of symbols. It should fill the box (touching three sides). It should be obvious to this “viewer” how the picture relates to the quote. You may add words to the picture to help me understand it. It should have color and detail to represent specific elements of the scene you are visualizing. (Details from other sections of the book that you have read may be necessary to keep your representation accurate.)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The end [of the quarter] is near....

Just a quick update. It's time for our sourcebook check and bookcard check. These would be the last items to include on this nine-weeks grade. There is no test or exam that counts as the final exam. Instead the sourcebook will be the most cumulative record of all our work--including drafts of the editorial. Expect checks on these at the end of the week.

Late work conferences are still being held this Monday, October 15th. If you did not turn in any reading log, a conference is required with Mrs. Izzo or Mrs. Jackson in order to grade the work and discuss any difficulties or misunderstandings you had. Then, we'll enter the new grade in the gradebook and let you know your overall average for the class. If you are scheduled for a conference, you must be picked up by 5 pm.

The last day of the quarter is Monday, October 22.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Are you a winner?

We have two important contests going on at LaVilla right now. The blog is a great place to share the information with you.

Reflections--sponsored by PTSA. The theme of this year's reflections contest is "I can make a difference by..." There are six categories to be judged at the natonal level: photography, visual arts, literature, musical composition, dance choreography, film/video production. This contest is perfect for LaVilla students because it gives you the chance to be recognized in your arts area--not just for writing! Deadline for submissions is November 12, 2007. Mrs. Soper is our contact for further information. You can ask any of your teachers for the entry form or more information. Prizes are awarded in all categories.

Red Ribbon Week is October 22-25. There is a writing contest to go along with all the other festivities. Of course, the theme is saying no to drugs and violence. Students can submit an essay, play, short story, one-act play, or poem to their PE or Health teacher by October 16, 2007. (There is also a submission box in the Main Office). The winner (of each category) will receive a 25.00 mall gift card.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Making Connections RL#2 Due 10/11 (B) and 10/12 (A)

In order to understand what we read, our brains naturally make connections. For this week's reading log, you will need to document three types of connections from your reading. You will make a text-to-text, text-to-world, and text-to-self connection.

Text to text: Compare this week's reading to another book or even another kind of text like a movie or TV show. A basic response to this connection is to explain how the book you are reading reminds you of another book you have read before.
Text to world: Compare this week's reading to something happening in the world. It can compare to a historical event, a current event, or an issue that affects society and the world community.
Text to self: Compare a character in the book to yourself or compare an event in the book to something that has happened to you or someone you know personally.

For each connection, you should label the connection (T-T, T-W, T-S) and copy the passage that you are connecting to. Then, explain the connection in detail. Show us how the connection is meaningful and helped you understand your reading.

The reading log form is available to download at home. Go to:

Remember you will be graded on the following requirements:

RUBRIC: How did you do? Did you…
____ ____read at least 1.5 hours per week from books or magazines that appropriately challenge your reading level; (approximately 50-150 pages per week depending on individual reading level)
____ ____clearly document the title, author, pages read, & time spent reading; (Or, is a bookmark attached?)
____ ____fill or exceed all the space provided on the reading log handout;
____ ____include a very brief summary of the major events/elements of the week’s reading using SWBS or Fortunately/Unfortunately;
____ ____focus on the appropriate element of the standard or reading strategy for the week;
____ ____support a judgment (or opinion) through multiple references to the text, references to other works, authors, and/or non-print media, and/or references to personal knowledge (In other words, did you use many specific, varied details and quotes from the book and add your own explanation?);
____ ____define one or more new or interesting words from the reading;
____ ____discuss your reading with a parent or guardian and get a signature? Parent Signature—I’ve seen my child reading this week & we’ve discussed the reading log: _________