Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rough Draft Conferences are due...

Each of you has signed up for your individual rough draft conference. At this meeting, you'll get credit for pulling together the basic parts of your article. You will also get the feedback needed to help you do well on the final draft, which has a much more thorough rubric. (You have a copy in your sourcebook.) Here, I'll post the basic requirements for your conference. You must be ready on your conference day to get the full credit.

Present a complete draft at scheduled conference time: ____/10
Article is typed with columns, callouts, graphics, etc. ________/10
Proofreading for typos and errors is obvious. ________/5
The byline is typed and placed appropriately ________/5
Article has three subheadings, title and subtitle ________/5
Article has at least 5 quotes from several sources ________/5
Student has attempted an engaging lead ________/5
Student has attempted a satisfying sense of closure ________/5

As soon as your conference is finished, use the feedback you receive to rewrite, revise, and craft your draft into a final, polished piece. I will collect that on progress report day. (April 17th and 18th.)