Friday, May 18, 2007

Early Arrival/Early Departure...

She's early! Yes, the baby came early which means I'm missing out on some special times with you guys. Exams are almost over and soon you'll have the eighth grade dance, yearbooks, and TWO last days of school (A and B) which could mean two days of crying for some of you. I'm thinking about you.

I'm still getting regular updates from Miss Turner, Mrs. Chason, and all your other teachers via e-mail. Did you still owe me an assignment? You better give it to one of them soon if you want it factored into your grade. Believe it or not, there's not much time to finish up--even though I'm not there. Even now, in the middle of the night, the baby finally fell asleep and so I'm updating my blog for you guys. (I hope you read it...) Remember that you have to share first name and class period if you want your comments published. It would also be nice if your comments were grammatically correct since it is a Language Arts class. :)

I'll try to post again soon. Since I can't post any new pictures of you, maybe you'd enjoy seeing the baby.