Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Books, and Dances, and Field Trips: Oh My!

We've just passed out Scholastic book catalogs. We'll send in the order on Friday, January 25th. Students can bring in the order form filled out with a check or cash. Alternately, parents can enter the order online and send the credit card information directly to Scholastic. To do this option, go to this website: http://pcool.scholastic.com/parentordering/login.jsp. You'll need to log-in using the information below.

Jackson's students: lavillajackson password: marbles
Izzo's students: lavillaizzo password: marbles

Students in our 1b class can use Mrs. Jackson's log-in (lavillajackson). Students in our 3a class can use Mrs. Izzo's login (lavillaizzo). The book orders will still be delivered directly to the classroom.

The Eighth Grade Trip

Bring $65 - cash or money order in a sealed envelope. On the envelope, write:

  • your name,

  • t-shirt size and

  • bus number (1,2,3 or 4).

Turn the envelope into Ms. Chantal Graham in the main office before school. Deadline is February 29, 2008!

We take four coaches. Get with your friends and decide which bus you all want to be on – 1, 2, 3 or 4. (We reserve the right to change your seat if the buses fill up.)

Bring your own money for food and souvenirs.

Students with three or more discipline referrals will not be allowed to attend. (This does not include Tardy or ID referrals.

Annual pass holders still have to pay $35 for the bus.

You do not have to stay with the chaperone, just check-in at designated times

Dress Code-the official t-shirt must be worn at all times. You may wear a bathing suit under the shirt.

The Eighth Grade Dance: Kaleidoscope

$10 Cash or Money Order
To pay, place money in a sealed envelope labeled with:
Your name
8th grade dance ticket money
Name of your Language Arts teacher
Turn into Ms. Chantal Graham in the front office before school.
Receipts will be returned through the langauge Arts teachers. Official tickets will be sent one week before the dance.

Who can go?
Any LaVilla 8th grader
Who cannot go?
•Any other LaVilla Student
•A student from another school
•A LaVilla 8th grader with three or more discipline referrals. (Does not include tardy or ID.)

Suggested dress is funky-fabulous!
or as we like to call it,
K a l e i d o s c o p i c Dress Code Approved.

A professional photographer will be in attendance. You will soon receive a flyer with her prices for different packages. Money is due to her at the dance. (Do not turn into teachers.)
Any questions see Ms.Malkewitz in the tech room #129A