Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Assignment for All Classes: Main Idea

Students will read a story from the textbook this week and apply some of the strategies we've been learning.  First, students choose a story.  These stories are listed in order from easiest to hardest.  Students should pick a story that will provide a challenge for them.  Students in the gifted program are expected to choose one of the last two stories in the list.
  • “The Day I Got Lost” by Isaac Bashevis Singer pg. 534
  • “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes pg. 172
  • “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara pg. 288
  • “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe pg. 522
  • “Up The Slide” by Jack London pg. 156
Next, students will read the story and use sticky notes to practice the strategies we've been learning in class. 

Each student will complete four sticky notes:
  • 2 "It says....I say" notes  
  • 1 "Main Idea" strategy
    • Choose from Sketch to Stretch, Most Important Word, Catch All the Conflict, or I'd Agree with That.
  • 1 Summary of the story
    • Use Somebody Wanted But So
      • OR
    • Fortunately/Unfortunately.
The assignment is due on September 22 (A: 1st, 2nd &; 3rd) and September 23 (B: 4th, 5th, & 6th).  Students may refer to the notes in the sourcebooks and the samples posted in the classroom.