Thursday, October 1, 2009

Words and Phrases Windowpane --due October 6 (a) and October 7 (b)

Students are focusing on strategies for their words and phrases on the next assignment for language arts classes. The general framework for this assignment is the same as the last assignment.  All students will again have an opportunity to choose the story that matches their reading level.  (Students in the gifted program should choose the excerpt by Twain, Angelou, or Petry.  Modifications to the assignment for Mrs. Jackson's 5th and 6th period can be found by clicking here.)

There are 4 responses:
1) It says, I say--Copy a passage from the text and then write a response explaining an inference or AHA! moment. Use details and examples from the text to support your response.
2) Another It says, I say response.
3) Words and Phrases Strategies: Choose one. (see below)
4) Your summary of the reading. Use or the fortunately/unfortunately strategy.

Due October 6 (a) and October 7 (b)