Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Editorials are Underway!

We've recently completed our rough drafts of our editorials. What's an editorial, again?

Editorial- A brief essay or article that states and defends a position on a current issue that affects many readers.

Now it's time to start crafting our true persuasion and changing our world with words. The rubric looks big but it matches the mini-lessons we've been doing all year. The conference log on the back is to help keep track of the research you conduct (interviews) and the feedback you get from us, the teachers, as well as you peers and parents.

The editorial rubric is available here. The conference log that goes on the back is available here.

It's due on January 25th--A day and January 26th--B day. mark your calendars and don't procrastinate. We'll give several classes to make progress on your revisions. If computer access is an issue, please see us to schedule before or after school time in our classrooms.