Sunday, August 7, 2011

Supply Time for 8th grade Language Arts

Here's the basics you'll need for 8th grade Language Arts.  

*A folder to carry work and handouts home.  You may choose the type of folder that works for you.  It can be part of a Trapper Keeper or some other system.
*Notebook paper and pens for writing. Pencils for testing and for creative projects.

*Printer paper for printing essays.  (You may print in the classroom but in that case, a pack of paper means there's enough to go around.)
*A reading book. I will start checking out books from my library in the second week. I'd like to see what you like to read before then if possible. (If you don’t have a  book, please bring your textbook.)
*Sticky notes. You will need several stacks of 3x3 (or larger) sticky notes throughout the year.