Sunday, February 12, 2012

News to share!

A day classes will have their last lit circle meeting on February 16th (rather than the 21st) due to an in-school assembly on the 21st.  All classes have been in on this decision and are aware.  Students will be able to prepare for that meeting during the 2/14 class.  B day classes will have their last meeting on February 17th as planned.  The lit circle file can still be downloaded from the previous post.

Another important date:  FCAT Writes!  Students will take the 8th grade FCAT Writing test on February 28th.  A letter will go home this Monday and Tuesday with important information about what to bring to the classroom (a healthy self) and what not to bring ( a cell phone.)  Students have written 4 essays throughout the year.  For each one they do a self-reflection score with the rubric, get individual feedback and a score, plus a brief conference.  There's still at least one after school help sessions for writing help on Monday, February 13th.   More dates will be added if needed.  Historically, LaVilla students have done well on this test and I'm sure this year will be no exception.