Friday, August 19, 2016

Your life six words.

In class, we took on the Smith magazine challenge of writing our life story in six words.  You were asked to come up with your six words and then write a paragraph explaining how these six words explained your life story.   If you didn't finish during class, the  memoir and paragraph are due next period.

More examples and tips:
1.Describe your personality.  
--Tiny person, big voice, big heart. 
--Playful, loving, always smiling, learning everyday.     
--I can’t keep my own secrets.
2.  Write a first-person past-tense sentence about what you always do.  Omit the “I” in the sentence, if needed. 
--I always get bored in museums.       
--Eight years old, combed hair twice.
--I was never alone after all.
--Planned life.  Told God.  He laughed.  -Mrs. Ottley-Fisher
3.  I used to be _______, but now _____________.  Then, condense it to six words.
--Once Wild, Beautiful Child, Now Mild.  -Ms. Heather Amerson
4. Symbols, objects, and metaphors that represent you.
  --Major, minor, dissonance?  Back to root.  -Mr. Gianneschi
5You can mix & match the types….

--Gray roots…raised three teenage girls! –Mrs. Jennings

On your own paper, write your final version of your Six Word Memoir.  Add a paragraph to explain how it fits your life. 
Here’s the format to organize your paragraph: 
Point--How does this memoir fit your life? What does it mean?
Explain a stylistic choice you made—word choice, structure, tone, repetition, etc.  How does this choice fit the content of your life story?
Evidence—Tell about a specific life experience or habit to show how your memoir reflects who you are.  You may need more than one example for a complete paragraph that helps us get to know you. 

Link—How might this life story make sense for your future? Will this always be your life story or will it change?   

Your explanation will be graded.  Your explanation should be clear, specific, and thorough.  We should get to know you better through your memoir and through your paragraph.  Spelling and mechanics count so proofread carefully.