Thursday, October 8, 2015

Word Roots for Quarter 1: Quiz 10/22 and 10/23

In class, we recently watched two videos that helped us understand how spelling can help us understand word relationships and meanings.  They had some pretty deep ideas so we encourage you to watch them again, or watch for the first time if you were absent, for sure!

Click the links to view:
 Making Sense of Spelling
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt 

Knowing the meaning of a root, prefix, or suffix can help you figure out the meaning and spelling of an unfamiliar word. So, we've been exploring roots and new words. Now that we have 19 roots/prefixes/suffixes added to our four column notes, it's time to study them.   

We'll have a roots quiz on October 22 (a day) and 23rd (b day).

Here's the second half of roots to study:

OOPS!  You'll have to get creative to fit the last ones on here.  We have a few more words that spaces.  Write all the way to the top and bottom margins or split some boxes in half horizontally to make it work.  
Use your four column notes study sheet to self-quiz as preparation for the real quiz.  If you are missing any of the roots, see the picture above to add what you are missing.