Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Elaborate--body paragraphs

Today we started writing our body paragraphs for our editorials.  The goal is to write elaborated body paragraphs.  This means:

Elaborateduse of additional details, description, anecdotes, illustrations, and examples that further clarify meaning.  This includes information that answers the question," What do you mean?”

Start by planning the types of support you'll include:

Next, get those details to build and develop into the perfect proof to prove your reason.  This is a good basic organization for your body paragraphs.  (No leads or zingers here!  It's all about the reasons and support.)
 Next, write your paragraph and use the rubric to grade yourself!  

Turn it in to your teacher.  These paragraphs are due on October 24th. (a) and October 25th (b).