Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Art of the Metaphor

As we're crafting our poems, we're really working hard on creating at least one strong, purposeful metaphor for our poem.  To do this, we're studying the Ted-Ed Video called The Art of the Metaphor. (  Here's another version of the link, if the others don't work for you.  We'll also take a short exit/entrance slip assessment on the concepts in the video and our lesson.  Feel free to watch the video several times as your review for the assessment.  (We watched it many times while creating the lesson.)  The assessment will be worth ten points.

Once students draft their poems, we're expecting one strong metaphor.  This could be a metaphor to show an experience from your life, a metaphor to show what your life has been like, a metaphor that shows an abstract feeling you've experienced (love, sorrow, happiness), or a metaphor to show a place you've been, like the beach but shown in a different way.

Wondering about the requirements for the full poem?  See the "A" section on the rubric below.  Here's the rubric and a link to the full file.