Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New standards: What are they?

The PTA has put together a user friendly set of brochures about the Common Core Standards.  In Florida, we use the Florida Standards but they are largely modeled after the Common Core State Standards (or CCSS).  Here's a summary of the highlights.  

A Sample of What We Will Be Working on in 8th Grade
Citing the evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what is explicitly stated and/or implied from a book, article, poem, or play
Analyzing where materials on the same topic disagree on matters of fact, interpretation, or point of view
Building writing around strong central ideas or points of view; supporting the ideas with sound reasoning and evidence, precise word choices, smooth transitions, and different sentence structures
Planning and conducting research projects that include several steps and use many credible and documented print and digital sources
Analyzing the purpose of information presented in diverse media (e.g., print, TV, web) and evaluating its social, political, or commercial motives
Presenting findings and claims to others, emphasizing key points with relevant evidence and sound reasoning, adapting speech to the audience and the formality of the setting, and
responding to questions and comments with relevant observations and ideas
Using strong, active verbs to create a clear picture for the reader (e.g., walk, skip, meander, lurch, limp)
Interpreting figures of speech (e.g., irony, puns) and developing a large vocabulary of general academic words and phrases