Thursday, April 26, 2007

Books We Love

In the midst of reviewing your amazing FCAT Writing Scores, grading feature articles, planning meaningful lessons for our last few weeks together, attending my own baby shower, and trying to rest, I've managed to keep up with my reading. I just finished Bound by Donna Jo Napoli, author of Stones in Water--for those of you who just read that in literature circles. It was a Cinderella story that takes place in China. I was reading it to decide if it was worth putting it on our Summer Reading list for incoming eighth graders. I haven't decided yet. But I need to keep thiking about the list. What books have you read that you think would be good to add to a list of choices for summer reading? (Students would be required to choose three books from a list of about 20-25 books.) What should eighth graders read before they start the year? Before they finish the year? Let me know and maybe they'll make it onto the list.