Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On your (Book)mark, get set, go!

We've assigned the first reading log of the year. Actually it's just a bookmark. Students keep track of their reading from August 30 through the due date (September 10 for A day classes and September 11 for B day classes). On the back, students are required to choose one word and telll what they think it means, what it actually means (using a dictionary), and a reaction that explains how the definition confirms or rejects their hypothesized definition. In addition, students will summarize what they read during this time period using a "Somebody Wanted But So" summary or a "Fortunately/Unfortunately" summary. In class, we modeled (and practiced) what is expected on the bookmark while we read a short story in class. Here is a picture of our example bookmark (the back side only).

Students will be graded on a combination of factors:
  • Accurate Documentation of the title, author, and pages
  • Getting a Parent Signature
  • Reading at least 90 minutes (50-150 pages based on reading level and book difficulty)including calculating reading time accurately
  • Doing a correct and thorough Summary and Strategy on the back.

It's a pretty easy assignment meant to keep students in the habit of reading. Let's hope we get 100% of them turned in for this assignment!