Monday, November 19, 2007

Bradbury Literature Circles

For the next couple weeks, we will continue literature circles. You will have opportunities to read and take notes in class and then discuss on the meeting days. Any reading/notetaking you don't finish in class will need to be completed at home. Don't forget to use the calendar (below) we gave each of you to keep track of your responsibilities.

For each set of sticky notes, you must turn in 3 notes for your role (Questioner, Visualizer, Passage Picker, or Connector) and 1 Wild Card Sticky note. The Wild Card notes change for each meeting.
Wild Cards:

wild card for Mtg #1: Find a passage that is confusing. Explain what confuses you & what you think it means.

wild card for Mtg #2: Find an example of sensory language. Copy the passage in which the example was found. Then, answer these questions: -How is the passage above an example of sensory language? -How does it enhance your understanding of what is happening it that part of the book?

wild card for Mtg#3: Find a word or phrase that is very "Bradbury." Copy the passage in which the word or phrase was found. Then, explain the meaning of the word or phrase in the context of your book. Why is this a very "Bradbury" word or phrase?

wild card for Mtg#4: Find an example of simile, metaphor, or alliteration. Copy the passage in which the example was found. Then, explain how the example is an effective use of this particular technique.