Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mrs. Jackson's 3b and 4b classes only: a new due date

This entry is for Mrs. Jackson's 3b and 4b classes only (or any students in the gifted program at other times of the day).
Your bookmark is due on March 5 due to the NASA field trip. Gifted classes have a different due date and a different plot structure for the plot bookmark assignment. It is called the Plot Snake, created by Dr. Allen Tilley.
Here are the directions:
Choose a short story from your textbook or another collection.
Identify and explain the type of conflict. Include a quote that helped you decide the type of conflict in your book.
On your plot snake diagram explain what is happening at each stage.
Answer the questions for each stage. Provide a quote and page number that demonstrates your explanation.
After you finish your story, continue reading your current book and document the time and pages. You are still required to read 90 minutes and 50-150 pages. Due date: March 5
Here's the diagram and the questions.