Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Homework: Bibliography/Works Cited

Last week, we bagan working on an assignment in class that is due on 3/26 for B day students and 3/27 for a day students. basically, you'll read six articles --at least three different angles--and write a summary. The specifics are on your slippey-doo and listed below.

How to do the assignment:

1. Read a magazine feature article. You can tell it's a feature article by looking at the table of contents. These are usually at least 2 pages long.

2. After you read the article, record the following information about the article:
Magazine name:
Month/Year of publication:(When was it published?)
Article Title:
Author of article:
From page ____ to page ____.

3. Then, write an annotation for the article. To do that, first fill in the blanks of this sentence--This was a _______________ type of article written for an audience of ___________ on the topic of ___________________.
To finish your annotation, write a couple of sentences explaining what you liked about the article and something you learned from reading it.

Here's a sample entry.
Gaffney, Timothy R. "Assault on Mars." Boys Life Sept. 1997: 24-26.
This was an informational type of article written for an audience of teen boys on the topic of Mars exploration and life on Mars. I liked the article because the graphics and informational captions made it interesting to read. I learned that scientists have three pieces of evidence that lead them to believe there was once life on Mars. They think it was once warmer on Mars and that water once flowed there. Also, they found meteorites that have microscopic shapes that look like fossils of germs.

4. Do this process five more times. (You must read a total of six articles. You must read at least three different types of articles. The tyes or angles are How to, Informational, Critique/Evaluation, Travel, Personality Profile, and Personal Experience.

5. Next, go to http://www.easybib.com/ and begin entering your information. Don't forget to click "yes" for annotations. You can do this part one entry at a time, as you read each article, or you can do the entire bibliography after you've read all your articles.

6. Next, click the blue text that says "Save list as Word (rtf)." This will make it a document that you can open with Word, or any other word processing program. Check it over for misspellings and completeness. It should look like the one below when you "Print Preview."

Make sure you don't change the type of font, the size of the font the color of the font, or the title. This would make your Works Cited have the wrong format.

This assignment will be graded based on content, completion, and format. Follow the directions carfully and you'll do well.

This assignment is due right before Spring Break and will count as the first grade of the fourth quarter. Can you believe it's the fourth quarter already?