Thursday, September 18, 2008

SN#2 (Visualizer) is due on 9/25 (A) & 9/26 (B)

Your job is to select a passage from the text that is full of details that paint a picture in your mind. Then, create a visual representation that illustrates specific details of the quote. It should be obvious to the “viewer” how the picture relates to the quote. If necessary, you may add words to the picture to help others understand it. The picture must have color.
Then, write a response that answers one or two of these questions: How is this passage important to the text? What real place or person did you picture while sketching? Why did you choose this scene to illustrate? Why did you choose to draw it the way you did? What parts were difficult to capture in your drawing? What did drawing it help you see differently? Who would you cast in the roles if this were turned into a movie? Why? (This could be famous people or classmates.) How would you design the set and lighting if this were a play? Explain your plan.
Don't forget you need to read at least 50-150 pages and record an hour and a half of reading. Use the bookmark on the back of the rubric to document your reading.
This assignment is due next week: 9/25 (A) and 9/26 (B)