Thursday, October 2, 2008

Questioner Sticky Notes Set (SNS #3) --due 10/9 and 10/10

Your job is to write and answer THREE questions, using the QAR strategy, that would promote discussion. TAS—Think and Search. This is a question that requires the reader to search for evidence throughout the reading passage or book. Question stem: What evidence (or clues) do we have that...? To answer the question, you need three examples (at least one must be a quote). AAM—Author and Me. This question requires you to read the text and form opinions, make inferences and connections, or predict events based on evidence. The reader can answer the question with ideas derived from the book (AUTHOR), but must also use his own knowledge and experience (ME). In your answer, you must use at least one quote from the text. Note: Do not ask the author the question. OMO--On My Own. The reader is inspired to ask a question about a theme or issue. The reader can answer the question without reading or rereading the text. In fact, anyone could answer the question, even without reading the passage or book. However, the book inspires you to wonder about this issue. Answer the question first, then explain how the book/passage made you wonder about this issue. You may use a quote to show what inspired your thoughts. Note: There should not be any character names mentioned in an OMO question.