Thursday, October 16, 2008

Character Analyst is due on 10/22(B) and 10/23 (A)

Directions for Character Analyst
Your job is to pay attention to how the writer develops character.
Find three different passages (one per sticky) that reveal three of these methods of characterization:
•what the character says about him/herself,
•what the character's actions and choices tell you,
•what other characters say about him/her, OR
•what the author tells us directly about the character’s personality.
Then, explain what conclusions you make about the character’s personality from the passage. Make sure you identify a personality trait and explain why it's important to know that your character has that particular trait.

For a complete assignment, you will need to have 6 notes: 3 character analyst notes, 1 word wizard, 1 connection, and 1 summary. You also need to read 50-150 pages and 90 minutes.