Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prepare for your poetry test

Before FCAT week began, we were studying poetry. We've read close to fifteen poems and we've had lessons on all of the literary techniques listed on your four column notes. So, the final assessment on this unit is coming up. It will be broken up into two sections: short response and multiple choice. The short response section will be given on 3/18 (B) and 3/19 (A). The multiple choice section will be the following week: 3/22 (B) and 3/23 (A). Your four column notes will be collected on the second day because you may still need them to study. For more practice, the textbook has some excellent poetry that may help you on the exam. The poetry bulletin board has all of the poems we've read, so if you've been absent at all check it out. We'll also have an in class review for the exam on 3/12 (B) and 3/15 (A).

This is just one of many grades we have coming up this quarter. We will be writing a poem, we'll have a sourcebook and book card check, and we will have an assignment to jump start our feature article/research unit. So, it's going to be a busy second half of the quarter.