Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Formatting our Feature Articles

On the 20th and 21st of April, we learned how to format our Feature Articles in the computer.

Each article needs to be typed in columns, single-spaced in Times New Roman Size 12. (Note: this is not the default in Word 2007 or newer. You'll have to set it to fix the default.

All articles will need graphics with captions, a sidebar, a call-out, and an MLA formatted Works-Cited.

Here are ten basic steps:

1. Finish writing and typing on the normal (default) settings. You’ll need at least a page of text for formatting to work. Save a copy.

2. Add your byline immediately under the title and subtitle.

3. “Select All” (Ctrl+A) and then make columns. Select all (Ctrl+A) again and choose single spacing (Ctrl+1)

4. Then, select just your title. Choose your color and font.

5. Select the first sub-heading. Choose the colors and font for that. (Be sure it coordinates with the title color/font.)

6. Use format painter (paintbrush icon) to make all subheadings match.

7. Next, Insert => Picture => Clip-art or from file. (or, paste from website and give credit in caption.) Make text wrap “tight” around graphics.

8. To make your sidebar, insert textbox. Right click on its border to format textbox.

9. To create your call-out, select and COPY an intriguing line from your article. Then, insert wordart. Paste the quote into the word-art and format it to look the way you’d like.

10. Create a Works Cited for all quotes, research, & images/graphics.
Do this on www. Easybib.com.