Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We're getting ready to start lit circles. Order now!

We're starting lit circles soon. Literature circles are like book clubs in that thyey give the students "voice and choice" about their reading. The voice part happens when students meet in small groups to discuss the reading. The choice part happens when they choose the book.

This week students will rank their choices for the book they'd like to read for lit circles. We are usually able to give students their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for this genre study. There are several factors that determine which book a student will get to read. One important factor is how many copies we own. We have enough copies available for in-school reading but many students will need to have their own copies in order to read at home. We don't have enough to check out a book to each student.

Once a student knows if they got the first, second, or third choice, he/she is "cleared" to make a purchase. The books are all popular young adult popular fiction or classics in the genre we're studying. These books are available at local bookstores, public libraries, and online sellers like or Many of them are also available through Scholastic which gives us credits to buy more copies for the classrooms. Scholastic often offers a better price (anywhere from 5 to 13 dollars) than the other booksellers and delivers the books straight to school.

To get started, go to the Web address below and enter the personalized user name and password for Mrs. Izzo's class or Mrs. Jackson's class in the sign-in fields on the right side of the page. Note: You do not need to create your own user name and password.

If you have Mrs. Izzo:User Name: lavillaizzo Password: marbles
If you have Mrs. Jackson:User Name: lavillajackson Password: marbles

Check out these catalogs to get some of the titles:

TRC Winter has Ender's Game and Uglies.
TAB April has Hunger Games and To Kill a Mockingbird.
TAB May has Catching Fire.
TAB January has The Book Thief, Chains, Fever 1793.

Scholastic orders need to be placed by 9 pm on May 3, 2010.

Remember, each student will find out in class which book they are approved to buy. Not every class will read all of the same titles. Students may start reading the copies we have in class. We will offer several opportunities for in-class reading. Students will need to be about halfway through the book by May 10.
Mrs. Jackson's 5th and 6th period classes have different choices. Go to for more information.