Friday, April 15, 2011

Permission Form for Historical Fiction Lit Circles

We can't wait to jump into another round of literature circles. This time, our study will focus on historical fiction. Reading novels from specific historical periods provides an excellent opportunity to study setting, characterization, and plot development while broadening their understanding of social issues and historical events. We will also watch a film that enhances our reading and gives us the chance to meet the state standards in speaking, listening, and viewing. The film we would like to show is Life is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella), an Italian film that won three Academy awards--best actor, best foreign film, best music (for Nicola Piovani’s original dramatic score). To learn more about the books we are offering and the movie, read the permission form we sent home. Or click here to access a version that you can download and print. The forms are due next week Tuesday, 4/19 (B) and Wednesday, 4/20 (A).