Thursday, November 10, 2011

EDITORIALS: You must act now to get full credit!

Get the full rubric here.It's time to turn in your polished, revised, typed, and persuasive editorial.

Click the image of the rubric to the right to download a  full copy of the rubric.

We've given you feedback to accompany each lesson.  Use our feedback and your notes to revise each piece of your paper.

Use the rubric as a checklist to make sure you have completed each requirement.

Use to create a list of the sources you use.  We recommend about three outside sources but this varies depending on your topic.  

When you type, make sure you follow these guidleines:

  • Black ink on white paper.
  • Times New Roman font.
  • Size 12.
  • Double Spaced (use "ctrl+a" then "ctrl+2") after you type everything.  Do not use the enter button or tab button.
  • You may print in the classroom if you bring your work on a jump drive.
If you have an emergency relating to technology, then it would be better than nothing to hand write your paper as neatly as possible since we can see all of the other skills even if it is handwritten.

It will be accepted late for partial credit.