Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PEPI Conclusions are due now!

It's time to turn in your conclusions and we've asked you to remember the four types we've taught with this acronym: PEPI.

That stands for...
Prediction: an insight into how the future could be different--better, or worse
Echo: circle back to the lead; if your lead is an anecdote, this could be an alternate version or an “ending” to the story
Pointed question: Ask a question that leaves the reader thinking; should guide them to share your opinion
Instruction to the reader: tells the reader exactly what they can do about the issue; could be a strong, punched statement that gets right to the point—a call to action!

Use the final words of your paper to restate your three reasons and then use one of the strategies above.  
We gave class time for this paragraph and many of you completed it.  If you did not finish, it is due on 11/10 for A day students and 11/14 for B day students.  

The entire editorial is due SOON:  11/17 for A day and 11/18 for B day.  Use your last weekend well!