Friday, April 24, 2015

Brainstorming to write

Were you absent on April 23rd or 24th due to testing (or any other reason)?  

In class, we read lots of poems and charted how they fit several characteristics of poetry.  We'll keep adding to that list in class.  Just get your "poetry brain" going.

We also started brainstorming for a poem that everyone will learn about soon.  For now, we're getting a list of memories tht can help us build imagery based on our lives: our neighborhoods, our homes, our childhoods.  What we have discovered is that our memories and experiences are what shape who we are today.   You can get a copy of the brainstorm sheet by clicking this link.

If you need help with the description part, click here for a sensory word list or just "google" the phrase "sensory word list" to find more.