Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Extra Credit: Achieve 3000 due by SUNDAY, April 19th!

Complete 4 Achieve3000 article activities by Sunday, April 19th, 2015. 
You must earn at least a 75% or higher on all four (4) activities to get the extra credit points.  (if you get a low score on one, then do an extra.)  You may choose the articles you're interested in reading by using the search feature.
Each student who completes four activities with a passing score (75%) will earn two (2) points of extra credit. 

There might not be another extra credit opportunity this year.  Don’t ask for extra credit at the end of the quarter.  Do it now!
Go to https://portal.achieve3000.com
Your username is your student number .  Your password is the one that begins with a 16.  
This is great practice for your FSA.  It's a meaningful extra credit opportunity and one we encourage all students to try!