Monday, May 23, 2016

Poem Brainstorm

Today, we started brainstorming for the poem each student will write in ELA.  If you were absent due to showcase, or just want to do more brainstorming, here are the slides that we used to generate our content for the poem.  More about the poem in a later post!

We’ll start by trying to remember….

     Do all writing in your composition book.  Title this: Brainstorm poetry.

     For each slide, choose one of the topics presented.  Write as much as you can with as much detail as possible for each memory.

     No talking!  (We will share between slides and memories.)

     The more details you capture here, the easier it will be to write your poem.

     Don’t stop writing.  If this memory leads you to another, more vivid memory, then GO with that.

1.  Describe the items on your nightstand or dresser.


Describe the foods you ate on special occasions.

 Let’s keep going:

2.  Describe your backyard or Plants in your house or other nature experiences.


Describe your favorite hiding place  or a place you put important keepsakes. the one that inspires 

3.  Describe things people always said to you.

(Can be specific like something your mom always said or nicknames you had)


Describe what your family looks like when they go out together.

4.  Describe

TV shows, movies, music, and books from your childhood.


Describe pets you owned.

5.  Try as many of these memories as possible:memories that come to mind.

     A special picture you remember

     Your favorite toy

     Your Holiday traditions

     What you remember about a classroom or a place of worship

     Ordinary items around your house

     Big events that you vividly remember—weddings, birthdays…

     Early experiences with your arts area

     Your childhood lunches

     Your typical summer day

     An “Aha moment” you had as a kid

Next class, we'll take all the memories and distill them into a format that creates a beautiful poem.