Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes: Poetry and Roots!

Students have just finished becoming "experts" on certain poems and then teaching poems to their "home" groups.  The full copies of the poem can be found here: POEMS ON TEST.  After each expert has taught, groups will review together and the teacher will schedule the test.
Make sure you also know how to do a TPCASTT annotation on your own.
TPCASTT:  Poem Annotation
title, paraphrase, connotation, attitude, shift(s), title revisited, and theme
Title--What do you think this poem will be about?
Paraphrase--What is happening in the poem, literally?  Put it in your own words.     Also, list any words that you don’t know.   
Connotation—Words can have meaning beyond the literal.   Look for the literary devices and explain what they mean.
*figurative language
*word choice and syntax (arrangement of words & phrases)
*sound devices
Attitude— Who is the speaker? What is the speaker’s attitude toward the subject?  How do you know? 
Shift—A shift indicates a change in the poem, and often reveals what’s most important.  Where is the shift in the poem?  What does it reveal? Look for key words (but, yet, however, although), change in structure of stanzas, time change, punctuation, or format.
Title revisited--Now look at the title again.  Does the title have any new significance now?  Explain.
Theme--What is the lesson or message of the poem?  (One sentence)  What does this poem teach you about life?


We have also started working on our last batch of roots.  The ROOTS quiz will be on May 26th and 27th.  Students can get the roots by clicking here--ROOTS BATCH 4--or accessing the assignment in the portal.