Thursday, October 18, 2007

Visualizer RL#3 Due on October 29 (A) and October 30 (B)

The next reading log requires you to visualize a passage from your reading. With over a week to complete the log, you should read 1.5 hours (50-150 pages). To download the special visualizer form see the Language Arts Links section of the blog (it's the first link) on the bottom right of the page. Here are the directions for this log:

1. Choose a passage that indicates an important event or that exhibits good writing. Explain how the passage is important in order to the understanding of the book. In other words, how is it significant?
2. Create a visual representation that illustrates specific details of the quote. The visual representation may be a drawing, collage, or collection of symbols. It should fill the box (touching three sides). It should be obvious to this “viewer” how the picture relates to the quote. You may add words to the picture to help me understand it. It should have color and detail to represent specific elements of the scene you are visualizing. (Details from other sections of the book that you have read may be necessary to keep your representation accurate.)