Saturday, October 13, 2007

The end [of the quarter] is near....

Just a quick update. It's time for our sourcebook check and bookcard check. These would be the last items to include on this nine-weeks grade. There is no test or exam that counts as the final exam. Instead the sourcebook will be the most cumulative record of all our work--including drafts of the editorial. Expect checks on these at the end of the week.

Late work conferences are still being held this Monday, October 15th. If you did not turn in any reading log, a conference is required with Mrs. Izzo or Mrs. Jackson in order to grade the work and discuss any difficulties or misunderstandings you had. Then, we'll enter the new grade in the gradebook and let you know your overall average for the class. If you are scheduled for a conference, you must be picked up by 5 pm.

The last day of the quarter is Monday, October 22.