Friday, October 5, 2007

Are you a winner?

We have two important contests going on at LaVilla right now. The blog is a great place to share the information with you.

Reflections--sponsored by PTSA. The theme of this year's reflections contest is "I can make a difference by..." There are six categories to be judged at the natonal level: photography, visual arts, literature, musical composition, dance choreography, film/video production. This contest is perfect for LaVilla students because it gives you the chance to be recognized in your arts area--not just for writing! Deadline for submissions is November 12, 2007. Mrs. Soper is our contact for further information. You can ask any of your teachers for the entry form or more information. Prizes are awarded in all categories.

Red Ribbon Week is October 22-25. There is a writing contest to go along with all the other festivities. Of course, the theme is saying no to drugs and violence. Students can submit an essay, play, short story, one-act play, or poem to their PE or Health teacher by October 16, 2007. (There is also a submission box in the Main Office). The winner (of each category) will receive a 25.00 mall gift card.